About us

“It should not be left up to chance whether one gets help in an emergency”

This was the basic idea behind Linucare, which was founded by Thomas Vinther and Nicklas Lynge, who identified the need for a quick and direct method to contact one’s closest network in emergencies.

Our product

Download Linucare onto your device and connect a safety button. In this way, you can always get help in the family. Compared to other solutions, our is:

Free app for download

on your smartphone.

A safety button

linked to the app.

App for download

on Apple Watch.

Safety in your family

The app is simple and intuitive to set up and can be used by everyone in the family. Start here:

How it works:

User feedback

Lars Lauridsen Høy


Good product, easy and quick to install.

And the best-priced on the market.

Glad Kunde


Fantastic security between relatives and their vulnerable family members. Can absolutely be recommended for all who aren't connected to home care but still may need assistance without having to alarm 112. Thanks to Linucare from here


Jane F.



It's easy for my dad to use, and even though there hasn't been an acute situation, I feel greater security knowing that he has a solution for how to contact us if he should fall ill, become unwell, or can't get in touch with me on the phone.

Frederik Fibiger Lauritsen


Easy and intuitive to set up. Haven't yet had to use it in an emergency, but when testing the functionality it works just fine.

Do you have an idea?

Then contact us below. We work every day to make Linucare better, so do not hesitate to write to us if you have feedback.